FNC Guardians of Galaxy 2 Starlord Genuine Heavy Duty Jacket


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This particular leather jacket on sale is just the kind that fashion-enthusiasts crave for. It is as simple as it can get, yet it looks admirably fashionable. The jacket consists of a lapel neck with a zip on the front, a vibrant combination of maroon and black and an exquisite style. All in all, all the glorious design features, as well as the endorsement from the “Star Lord” himself, makes this jacket one of the best selling product on our site.

  • 100% real leather
  • Base Color: Maroon
  • Pockets: A single pocket on each side
  • Collar: Lapel, which can be zipped to the fullest
  • Sleeves: hooks as well as a zipper
  • Shoulders: Black padding with stripes of maroon. The right shoulder comes with a strap