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Sherlock Holmes is a detective British famous series, which is full of suspense and thrill. In the last season of this, we have seen Benedict Cumberbatch in the main role; he is a good actor from the UK and worked in many Hollywood movies.  He is a master in Art of classical acting. This series got very famous by the fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch from famous British detective series, it is always one of the most talked-about TV series characters. This series is an awesome combination of thrill, fun, action, and adventure. It is not possible that something so famous and with such a huge fan following does not have a fan base that desires to look and dress like their favorite character? This series not only gave us good entertainment but also gave us a very clear understanding of a classy dressing style using coats. Cumberbatch costume is not less than a masterpiece. From the moment it came to the TV series, it was really clear that this clothing will make its way into the fashion industry very soon and that is exactly what happened.

Our store, inspired from this exceptionally good looking coat, have designed something that you will surely love to get your hands on. This upper has got a great look, a comfortable feel, and a very classy touch to it.


 We brought a very decent outfit idea from this drama; it is available in black color. This is a dashing piece for formal and informal outgoing parties.  Its double breast button front closure has the actual style and beauty and makes it stunning.  Belt has been introduced on the waist for good fitting. Complete inner viscose lining gives you a maximum comfort level. Good to go with all attires. Worn in one of the most famous and entertaining TV series, by one of the finest actors. If that is not enough, then let us tell you about this upper a bit in detail.

Product Description:

  • Inspired By: Sherlock Holmes
  • Filling: Double breast
  • Color: Black
  • Fabric: Wool blend fabric
  • Material Quality: 100% genuine and top quality material used
  • Collar and front: Lapel collar and button on the front for closure
  • Pockets: Inner pockets and 2 outer pockets
  • Lining: Viscose inner lining
  • Wear Feel: Highly comfortable and good in fitting


This trench wool coat is for anyone looking to imitate Benedict Cumberbatch or anyone who understands fashion and has got a decent dressing sense. It has got a very unique detective kind of look to it that makes it unique from other such outfits in the store.

How and where to wear it? If that is what you are thinking of, well it is really a simple call. Be it a party at your friends, or be it a casual hangout. Be it any cold evening or a severely cold night. If wearing a muffler around your neck and keeping this black coat inspires you, you can do that as well. Its fine quality material is guaranteed to keep you warm and protected during harsh cold weather. The best part about this Mr. Holmes costume is that it's color and design areas such that you can wear it with having different color combinations and different clothing styles as per your preference.

Blue, black, brown, white, or even red, this apparel is sure to look well with all of these colors. Wearing a boot, or a moccasin, both will look extremely adorable if you choose them with this coat. Even if you want to look exactly like Sherlock.


Placing order at our store means that you do not need to fear to have your money being wasted or getting a fake product online. We procure the material directly ourselves, which means that each and every single apparel that you get from us is 100% genuine and guaranteed to have the finest quality. We always prefer using the finest material, be it cowhide leather, faux leather, or cotton material. Along with that, we have a team of experts that have worked with big brands who are designing clothing for celebrities. The expertise and the fashion sense that our team has is clearly reflected in each and every product that we are selling at our store. From the stitching to even the tiny bit of detailing, we make sure that everything is complete and perfect. Thirdly, at our store, every single clothing is made to ensure perfect fitting and immense comfort. Wearing Sherlock Holmes or one of our jackets is guaranteed to make you fall in love with your apparel. Quality is our first priority and topmost priority. Seeing a customer coming back to us gives us the fuel that we need to serve every single one of you like a VIP. 

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