If you are a fashion conscious male in search of a source that fulfills all your requirements, you have come to the right place. Faux N Cotton is an online source of an amazing variety of latest quality and most fashionable men’s apparels not found anywhere else. In fact, the company sells such high quality and good looking garments for men that it has become the one stop shop for all men who are desirous of fashionable items of clothing.


Highest quality fashion garments at reasonable prices

Faux N Cotton is a company that has become popular as a company that sells highest quality apparels at most affordable prices. The company maintains high standards of quality in terms of fabrics and accessories. It also adheres to excellent stitching standards to give good fitting and most comfortable jackets, coats, trousers, shirts, and trench coats to its fashion conscious clientele.

Find the latest celebrity items of clothing

If you are fond of celebrity items of clothing, you will find a large collection of men’s garments on the website of the company that is inspired by the clothing of celebrities in Hollywood movies. We try to create exact replicas of garments worn by actors and actresses do that their fans can look and feel confident like their idols.

Faux N Cotton has a huge variety of biker jackets for men who are passionate about biking. These leather jackets are not only good looking but also very comfortable, having been crafted to perfection out of genuine quality leather . 

 Kung Fury David Hasselhoff Jacket
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Kung Fury David Hasselhoff Jacket

$168.00 $180.00


If you are looking for a celebrity item of clothing that is also stylish and eye catching, do not l..

8 Ball Mens Black Bomber Leather Jacket



Certain apparels good no matter what. This particular bomber jacket is one of those products. An ex..

Adam Jensen Deus Ex Human Revolution Game Coat



The elegant, simplest, dashing, beautifully designed and stitched and available in very reasonable..

Aiden Pearce Watch Dogs White Trench Game Coat



For great game lovers and inspired fans, our leather store now exhibits a surprising article of cl..

Akira Kaneda Capsule Red Leather Jacket



Dazzle everyone by wearing this bright red leather jacket designed to turn you into a star at a..

Alex Mercer Game Prototype Leather Jacket
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Alex Mercer Game Prototype Leather Jacket

$168.00 $184.98


Alex Mercer the celebrated character of amusement. He is a hero in this diversion. Look at this co..

Alex Turner One for the Road Conifer Black Jacket



Attention all the Alex Turner fans- here is a jacket you would love to invest in! Bringing you the T..

Allied Brad Pitt (Max Vatan) Brown Suede Leather Jacket



This is a fantastic gift for all die-hard fans of Hollywood super star Brad Pitt. It is actually a ..

Andrew Garfield Varsity Bomber Wool Jacket



This pullover built in intriguing difference mix of fleece, leather and sewed material. The front an..

Angels and Airwaves Love Tom Delonge Adventure Jacket



Each and every big name that you go over can be seen wearing a leather jacket these days. This has..

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Evie Frye Leather Costume



This is a perfect costume for you if you are a big fan of the character of Evie Frye, the femal..

Aviatrix Mens Black Real Leather Bomber Aviator Pilot Jacket



Anyone who loves dressing up and wearing some exciting clothing must grab this beauty which is idea..

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