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Nothing can put down a confident woman; however, confidence not just comes from the inside, but what you wear and how you carry yourself also adds up to your stronger self!

Presenting, Alaina's Black Leather jacket for all those women in dire need of an ‘additional scoop’ of confidence!

It is a very trendy, slim fit jacket that is inspired from the character, Black Canary played by Alaina Huffman in the popular television series, Smallville.

Its feature is jet black color and is manufactured using pure leather. The design overviews a wide, shirt style collar along with a standup collar merged to perfection from the inside. There are two imprinted, vertically parallel lines in yellow that are positioned right below the shoulder- which is something that will instantly recall you of the signature look of Huffman in Smallville.

Well, if you are a girl that has an inclination more towards tasteful jackets, this one is surely meant for you. 

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