Allanon Druid Shannara Chronicles Leather Costume Coat


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It is rare to get 100% satisfaction from a celeb-inspired outfit you’ve ordered from an unknown store! It saddens you, even more, when you get to pay a heavy price for an outfit that turns out to be nowhere similar to your expectations. 

Bringing you, the accurate copy of Allanon Druid costume coat by the makers that have their claws embedded in the market for years!

The costume coat features the look of Allanon, the fictional character of the popular TV show, The Shannara Chronicles. It also bears the same color, has a long length and hoodie.

However, our objective is not restricted to come up with the accurate design but hit the quality standard too. Thereby, we craft Allanon's Coat from genuine leather, unless, you desire to flaunt faux leather through your order.

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