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Diesel is a famous brand of leather costumes. We have introduced replica leather jackets o our online store. It’s not very easy to remake of brands but our stitching experts are eagerly working on it and get good reviews from the customers.  Diesel black gold luperco leather jacket design is familiar with double breast lapel color biker jackets but uniqueness is there, the studs on collar and much more. There are two calculated zip pockets at the chest in addition to another two set on a level plane on the midsection. YKK zips are likewise present on the gauntlet cuffs which permit to sleeves to be pleasant and thin, befitting this style. Jewel knit fasten boards on the shoulder and upper arm give additional security in those zones while clasped straps along the edge crease enable the fit to be dialed in much more precisely. Inside, the coat is completely lined in a stitched silk.

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